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Chelsea Building Society Ferrari Giveaway

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Before getting to the Ferrari bit of this post, as I haven’t posted for a while, there’s a bit of catching up required.

Firstly, I can now put letters after my name! CeMAP (Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice).

Having completed the three required exams, I am now able to legally provide mortgage advice and sell mortgages to anyone in need. Contact (Good timing considering the current state of public confidence in the housing market!)

Secondly, I joined up with a local team of advisers with many years of ethical practice and experience and we all seem to be on a similar wavelength so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.

With regards to the Ferrari, I should say at this stage that I’ve already won it so sorry if you were hoping to enter a competition.

During the Xmas meeting of advisers a representative of Chelsea BS gave a brief presentation and announced they were providing a Ferrari for one of us to win in an internal raffle.

Since then I have been assisting a friend with a building company undertake some alterations and decoration of a listed cottage near Winchester so I had no idea who had won.

I only popped into the office to drop off some study material for another employee due to take his exams in January and I was told I had won.

I was quite pleased!

It’s a Ferrari 430 Spider in Rosso red with cream interior.

The thing is…. it’s also only about 2″ long with a rechargeable battery and radio control!