Date:12 May 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:4,729

This wordpress just keeps getting better and better… I started looking for a ’email this post’ plugin and naturally, there was one! Simply entitled WP-Email. So easy to use like most wordpress plugins. Just upload the files, activate, insert a snippet of php and done! One thing to remember when downloading zip files: once downloaded, navigate to the file, right click and select ‘unblock’ (if you try this and don’t see ‘unblock’ I’m guessing you don’t need to worry!) otherwise Windows wont let you move the folder around. On the same page as WP-Email there are a host of other more >

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In a bid to conserve energy and save money I now turn off everything that used to remain on stand-by. Items left on stand-by can account for up to 10% of an average household electricity bill. Quite a staggering percentage considering that it is just money down the drain. A few weeks ago I remember seeing an episode of Dragon’s Den (A group of rich people that want to be on TV) in which an entrepreneurial duo had developed a long-life battery operated multi-socket adapter that plugged in between your electrical supply and your ‘stand-by’ item. It looked like a normal multi-socket adapter but effectively acted as a more >

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I can’t even begin to understand how the parents of missing Madeleine McCann are feeling. My thoughts are with them and I’m following the developments in the news like so many other people throughout the world. The news and developments on the case are being updated on a regular basis and people all around the world are praying and offering support in whatever way they can. People are able to download posters to put up anywhere they can think of that could help police with their enquiries or trigger people’s memories. An email and photograph is also being circulated in an attempt more >

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People all over the place are advertising the ‘best secured loan’ but what are they really offering? The best secured loan for one person may not be the best secured loan for another. Companies are also not allowed to claim they offer the ‘best secured loan’ or any other kind of financial product unless they are regulated and authorised to do so. Check for any reference to the FSA They may be able to advertise THEIR best rate or loan but that does not mean it is THE best loan available. (NOTE: If a secured loan lender displays their best more >

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On 1st July England will become ‘smokefree’ and it will be illegal to smoke in virtually all enclosed public places and workplaces. People caught smoking in these places will be subjected to a £50 fine (or £200 if taken to court). Employers failing to display ‘No Smoking’ signs on their premises could also face fines up to £1000 and £2500 if they fail to enforce the policy. England is going smoke free to protect people from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke and it’s about time. Visit for detailed facts and figures. Or for help on quitting. Not only will more >

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I give a little every month to charity but there are so many good causes I still sometimes feel guilty that I’m not giving or doing more. It’s possible to help the WWF (World Wildlife Fund – NOT World Wrestling Federation!) by giving just a few moments of your time now and again. I’ve registered on their website and now they send me occasional emails asking me to click a few buttons and send a petition email to the most appropriate recipient depending on the cause. I’ve been registered for a few months now and have already played my small part more >

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About a week ago I decided I’d really like to go and see The Kings of Leon in concert. There’s something about their sound that really appeals to me and they’re the first band in a long time that I’ve wanted to see live. I’ve been to plenty of gigs and a few festivals in the past but nothing for a few years. I did a quick search online for any sign of a tour and discovered they are due to perform in Bournemouth (just 1/2 an hour away..) at the BIC (Bournemouth International Centre) on July 4th (4th day more >