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Don’t get confused but even though cars produce dramatically LESS CO2 than livestock farming, we still need to reduce the amount we use our cars/trucks/planes. Burning fossil fuels produces a number of toxic chemicals that there is no doubt our atmosphere and the air we breathe would be better off without. (Environment Agency – Air Quality and Emissions) But according to the national statistics website CO2 emissions have actually dropped steadily in the last decade which suggests we are contributing less to global warming. So what I find surprising is the fact that we are being encouraged to use less fossil fuels and CO2 producing forms more >

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Firstly, the real deal you get with Tesco Value Broccoli is a saving of between £0.10/Kg and £6.77/kg. To break that down a bit, Tesco Value Broccoli is only £1.18/Kg (source, my local Tesco! 20/05/07) whereas, Tesco ‘Organic’ Broccoli is £2.99/Kg. (£1.81 more) You buy 2Kg of the Organic variety (in store) and you’ve just paid £3.62 more than you would have if you buy the Tesco Value alternative. Now just think for a minute what that £3.62 could buy you…? If you go online to the Tesco online shopping service, the only difference between ‘Pre-Packed Tesco Broccoli’ and the ‘Tesco more >

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Excerpt from Yahoo News: ‘Families face a new “pay as you throw” tax on rubbish under proposals to be unveiled by the Government. It means the average family could end up paying around £120 a year to have their rubbish collected, on top of their council tax. Under the proposals people will be provided with a slop bucket for food waste and kitchen scraps. They will also have to separate out glass, plastics, paper and tins. Councils will be able to issue fines for people who fail to comply.’   Personally I think this is just a way to allow local authorities more >

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For many years one of the unique selling points of secured loans has been something of a myth. It has been advertised that the APR of secured loans is often more competitive than unsecured loans because they are less of a risk to lenders. The loan is secured on property so applicants are less likely to risk missing payments. However, this has not strictly been true. Over the last 6 years secured loans have typically been offered at a higher rate than most leading unsecured loans. Until today! (Well, I only found out today…) FirstPlus Homeowner Loans are now available more >

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On a couple of my finance sites I display a 728×90 ‘leaderboard’ Google adwords ad. These display 4 or 5 sponsored results. (see example on In the finance world, people pay an arm and a leg to appear at the top of the sponsored results and subsequently within the top few results that are rotated within these ‘leaderboards’. More recently I have noticed some of the major financial institutions monopolising the entire ad! Just one advert dedicated to one advertiser across the entire 728×90 leaderboard so it looks like a large banner in full colour and with graphics! How is more >

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How to completely undermine the nation’s confidence and respect in parliament with one fowl swoop…. “MPs passed a controversial measure on Friday exempting themselves from a law that gives the public access to official information.” Personally I have no faith, confidence or respect for parliament and I suspect there are millions of Britons that have felt the same way for a long time. So many people just don’t vote because they don’t think it will make any difference to the way the country is run. The general feeling is that government will do whatever it wants despite the feelings or needs of the more >

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Is it me or is it hard to believe that someone has only just come up with the idea to make paint pots with screw top lids? OK so sample pots have them but for as long as I can remember paint pots/tins have always had a tight fitting ‘lever-off’ lid. They can be extremely annoying! How many keys have been bent trying to pry off a paint lid? How many pots of paint have ended up in peoples laps from stubborn lids finally giving way? Crown now sell paint in screw top lids. I’ve just seen their advert on more >

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What a great story! – From Yahoo News Movie and computer game Point of Sale marketing displays often feature life sized representations of main characters. These can come in the form of full sized cardboard cut-outs and more recently full sized dummies. These effigies can fetch a pretty penny and are highly desirable among fans and collectors. One such life sized dummy, formerly used to promote one of the Tomb Raider games was taken home by the computer shop owner to be sold to the highest bidder on ebay. This shop owner called police about nuisance phone calls and when the more >

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Liverpool Victoria, a popular financial services provider, has recently rebranded themselves as ‘LV’. Liverpool Victoria was founded in 1843 and is based in Bournemouth on the south coast of England. The company provides a range of financial services such as loans, credit cards, home and car insurance and a range of savings and investment services. I’ve been past their head office a few times (never actually been in the building though) and it is quite an impressive and memorable looking structure. It presents an established and respectable impression and is something of a landmark in Bournemouth. The new ‘LV’ branding puts a cross a more trendy and more >

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A recent report by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) claims we only have 5 years before the planet could suffer a climate catastrophe. According to the WWF we have until 2012 to make a difference and it is possible for us as a race to achieve some sort of balance and prevent…. well, what exactly? What will happen in 5 years? Floods? Storms? Intense heats and larger deserts? Dry water reservoirs? Will we go beyond a ‘point of no return’ and spiral into an apocalyptic nightmare? And what exactly can WE do? We are told to recycle but I know for a FACT, more >