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Grateful for Two Wheels

Find in General March 30th, 2007 - 5,242 views

Having temporarily lost the use of my car to a severe case of head-gasketitus it was with absolutely no marked reluctance whatsoever that I resorted to using my motorbike. It’s true certain inanimate objects can spark emotion because I actually feel guilty about leaving it locked away for sometimes months on end! Maybe I feel […]

How to Save Money Without Getting Your Hands Dirty

Find in Household Bills & Expenses March 30th, 2007 - 4,709 views

Over the next few days I will hopefully be saving myself nearly £200. If done correctly, not only will I save money but I should literally not get my hands dirty while doing so. This is not something that everyone will want to do and only something certain people may ‘need’ to do. I am […]

World Largest Credit Card Fraud Case – Find out more.

Find in Credit Cards March 30th, 2007 - 5,274 views

Fraudsters have stolen over 45 million credit card numbers from a well known retailer’s database. Hackers accessed the database of TJX (TKMaxx in the UK) several times over a period of 4 years and only stopped when suspicious software was discovered in December last year. The company revealed details in January about suspected fraudulent activity accessing […]

Compare Car Insurance Online

Find in Insurance March 22nd, 2007 - 5,067 views

I just saved my mother £136.54 by using the moneysupermarket.com online car insurance comparison service. Compare Car Insurance She’s 65, retired and drives a ’99 Fiesta Ghia and was quoted £206.85 or £227.54 if paid over 12 months. This renewal quote was from Lloyds with whom she also banks and yet they still charge more […]

Spring is Sprung the Price of Beer has Ris’

Find in General March 21st, 2007 - 4,679 views

It’s the first day of spring and along the south coast of England it’s a glorious sunny day. (taken using Nokia 6233) The general feeling when the sun is shining is positive but despite the beautiful weather many of us also feel a little apprehension over today’s budget. It’s been announced that the cost of a […]

Mortgage Fees Rise Sharply

Find in Mortgages March 20th, 2007 - 4,966 views

In the last two years the average fee for arranging a mortgage has risen by 83% from £334 to £611 with some fees potentially over £5,000. These fees can be paid at the start of the agreement but many people are unlikely to have an additional £5000 at the time of arranging a mortgage so […]

4×4 Car Tax Increase to Combat Global Warming?

Find in Household Bills & Expenses March 19th, 2007 - 4,850 views

Recent news suggests owners of the least efficient cars on the road are to incur much higher road tax costs over coming years in a bid to help tackle climate change and reduce the UK’s CO2 emissions. “Annual duty on the 225,000 least fuel efficient vehicles purchased brand new since last April, including most 4x4s […]

Pi to the Nearest 100,000 Decimal Places Please

Find in General March 14th, 2007 - 5,873 views

Today is the day the Pi is celebrated by a unique group of people sometimes referred to as the ‘acolytes of the church of pi’. Once a year these followers of Pi gather to celebrate all things Pi. Falling on the 14th of March is also significant because in the US date format that would […]

Followus Uncovers Airport Car Park Scandal

Find in General March 14th, 2007 - 5,249 views

FollowUs (www.followus.co.uk), the UK’s leading mobile location solutions service company, has aided BBC’s Watchdog to uncover how one airport car parking company was mistreating a customers’ car. Aired on the 27th February, the show followed the actions of an employee of a Meet & Greet service with the hidden FollowUs Win200 GPS logger device to […]

Transferring Credit Card Balances to Multiple Cards

Find in Credit Cards March 14th, 2007 - 6,212 views

In a previous post I mentioned the possibility of being able to strengthen an individual credit score by transferring a credit card balance onto multiple cards. I.e. a £5,000 balance transferred across 5 cards by putting £1000 on each. This may not be advisable in the UK. The information I was originally working from was […]

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