Date:6 February 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:2,591

When I set myself the task of completely redesigning one of my sites using php and css I thought about how long it would take. The site has over 550 pages and they’re all just plain html. I started by making up some templates so it was really just a case of copying and pasting content. There are some other layout alterations and all the internal links need to be completely changed (and I’m not looking forward to updating the htaccess redirects for the whole site!). I set myself a target of at least creating 10 new pages per day. more >

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So the olympic games in London is (surprise, surprise) going to cost double the previoulsy estimated figure. Nearly £2Billion will have to come from lottery and public funds. Yipee… But when we talk about ‘billions’ what are we using? I read this news in the Sunday Times and I’m interested to know if they refer to a UK billion or a US billion? I may be behind the times and the whole world may have now adopted the US billion (which makes more Americans Billionaires by reducing the number of required ‘0’s by 3…) Historically a UK billion was 1,000,000 more >

Date:2 February 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:4,965

If you look hard enough you can fiind anything online! Even elusive snippets of code to customise your wordpress admin area. I’m building a site using lots of templates so I’ve got more editing control locally so I wanted to list my templates dropdown list in the wordpress admin area in alphabetical order. I searched and only found one unanswered post on the subject. I dug a littel deeper and found this page: It reveals a snippet of code: ksort($templates); You have to insert it in the admin_functions.php file in the wp_admin folder near the page_template_dropdown function. I’ve more >

Date:1 February 2007 I Comments: 1 I Views:2,901

Anybody who has played around with templates using WordPress will know that it is the template that calls other elements of the page together. Typically the code looks something like this: The leftcolumn.php displays on the left of the page etc. If the left column contains a menu and the right column contains the text and main content of the page, you should switch the two around. You may think why does this make a difference? But I tried it and with the first set up, the source code of the finished page had all the code for the menu more >