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I recently wrote about the slow increase of credit card balance transfer fees. In this post I mentioned that a number of card issuers now charged as much as 3% for balance transfers while most were still at around 2.5% and some even still at just 2%. MBNA still advertise on their website a balance transfer fee of 2.5% but as a card holder, I received a letter in the post telling me my tranfer fee had now also risen to 3%. One thing MBNA do offer however is a cap on the fee. Mine stands at £75 so more >

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About 2 years ago, my main website (yes, all mine, just me…) was ranking really well on Google and it did consistently for quite a while beforehand too. Then Google made some changes and my site got booted out of the listing for no apparent reason. I had done nothing different to my competition. But that’s actually another story. Speaking of competition however, when I was ranking on Google, I was consistently battling for spaces in the top 5 results with the site Now when my site got unfairly dismissed from the results, remained. Just today I stumbled more >

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Now that I have uploaded a fresh new slicker version of it’s got me thinking and reflecting on the journey so far. In brief, in 2002 I was lucky enough to procure the nice memorable domain name. I’d never built a website and I only knew how because I went through the tutorials in dreamweaver. After letting my creative side run wild I came up with a nice ‘yellow’ theme for the site. This wasn’t really official enough for a personal finance site so after a couple of months the site became blue. I read and read and read and discovered a more >

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It is done. The site had been completely revamped using much better structure, more choice, more logic, more options and basically, more..! There were a few scary moments when I went live with the update due to one or two human errors and a database discrepancy. I thought I might have to completely remove the hosting account and start from scratch but that would have been a real hair puller due to the static IP and SSL… Luckily, perseverance paid dividends as usual! Now to wait and see if Google pays any attention! more >

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After many long hours and much learning and developiing I am very close to uploading the newly redesigned version of my site. Not this one, my mail ‘flagship’ as some might call it. Approx 600 pages later and I am about to start the painstaking task of writing the htaccess with all the URL redirects. OK so if I’d tried I could have kept all file extensions the same but the site needed restructuring and it’s had some problems with the big ‘G’ in the past so a spring clean should help. So to it… more >

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With reference to a previous post, a slip of a girl frequently marches past my office window belting out old cheesy pop tunes at the top of her lungs. I can hear her as she approaches and as she fades into the distance but she is, as one would expect, most audible when passing directly by. It was once such recent pass I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before. She can’t sing. Bless her though, she tries… more >

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In a pervious post I mentioned how the Virgin credit card balance transfer fee had risen, in line with their new 13 months at 0% apr promotion, from 2% to 2.5%. Once again that fee has risen and now stands at 2.98%, one of the higher balance transfer fees on the market. The highest of the top providers being the Barclaycard Platinum with a transfer fee of 3%. Virgin may have increased their transfer fee but they have done so inline with a trend. Many credit card issuers now charge over 2.5% and the list looks a little like this: Barclaycard more >

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Well so much for the severe snow warning for the south! I’m in Southampton, slap bang in the middle of the weathermans forcasted blizzards and NOTHING! I was hoping to wake up to a blanket of white purity out my window but all I saw was cold and wet.. Then I went to the front window, drew back the curtains and I saw this: Someone, somewere nearby had some! Boy was I dissapointed… And now we have blue skies and little chance of a downfall… more >

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Lately I’ve been trying to adopt one of Baz Luhrmann’s policies. ‘Do one thing everyday that scares you’ …I try to pre-empt the toaster… more >