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I recently had to arrange an overdraft facility for my business account. To cut a long story short, a 2 month trial for a 12 month marketing campaign was so unresponsive I chose not to go ahead and not to start making the required monthly payments. So understandably I wasn’t too pleased when the first payment was taken from my account! (This was not a cheap campaign but would have paid for itself if effective.) It was coming up to the end of the month and other debtors were a bit late so as a precaution I approached the bank for a temporary overdraft. It costs £150 more >

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Currency trading has taken the country by storm – and with good reason. Conducted online, the pace of foreign currency trading is fast (deals can be completed in seconds) and furious. With the advent of mini-forex accounts, it’s become incredibly easy to get into the market. You can get started with a Forex mini account with many online brokers for as little as £100 – and the potential for quick turnaround and profit is enormous. Like any opportunity with a high potential for profit, though, currency trading offers a high potential for loss. Currency trading is not for the weak-willed more >

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This is an addition to a previous post about my site In the post I didn’t go into any reason why I think Google decided to drop the site from it’s listings after a consistent run near the top (for which I can’t deny I’m grateful).  Before I go any further I must make a point of saying that I was by no means the only one affected at a similar time due to the same ‘Google update’. This particular update (like a tropical storm) had a name. My recall is shaky as there were several ‘named’ updates but the one more >

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For any would be website owner wether it be professional, personal or otherwise, be sure to pick a good solid, reputable host. I didn’t for a few of my sites. I only needed a small amount of space and not a lot of bandwidth so I hunted around for a reseller account so I could host multiple accounts. I found a company in the US that offered masses of space and an ulimited number of accounts/email/sql etc…. for $50/year…. Yep, that’s cheap and you get what you pay for! are rubbish. In the first month their servers were hacked more >

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To create a logo image fo your website that appears to the left of the ‘http://www’ of your web address. Go here: It’s a free service and it can make any picture you want into a ‘favicon’. Leave a comment if you want any more info. more >

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OK, so there are probably lots of people unhappy with their BT service but there are equally very many people that are more than happy with the service. Personally I fluctuate between the two. One aspect of BT featureline is the fact that it DOES NOT integrate with almost every other broadband provider. Also BT featureline usually comes with a several year contract and BT will not even downgrade you to a lesser product of theirs without charging you for cancelling the contract early. So what is this redeeming feature I hear you say? Well, I have found that because more >

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£800 million a year!! That’s how much the UK is losing due to a poor knowledge of simple maths. According to a recent report by learndirect; ‘£823 million is lost each year due to inadequate basic skills – enough to pay the starting salaries of more than 40,000 new teachers. ‘ The most interesting results of their survey of 1000 people found: ‘One in five say they cannot convert local currency into pounds while on holiday; more than a third admit to adding up on their fingers when they have no calculator one in five do not know the difference more >

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Having suffered from ‘man-flu’ over the weekend I had to return a ‘recovery dvd’. On the way to the rental shop I was stuck behind every possible learner, bad driver and hesitant decision maker. In my youth I would have fussed and fretted but this time I just made the resolute decision to relax, bide my time and once I’d dropped the dvd off, I got my bike out and went for a spin! To avoid any confusion it’s a 1200cc Suzuki. And despite the slight drizzle (which soon passed) and the wind chill, I was toasty and warm! These modern bike jackets more >

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A recent circular made it through my door offering me a small ‘cash’ loan of up to £500. ‘Quick cash’ and ‘payday’ loans have been available in America for many years and have recently started to gain more ground in the UK too. Indicative of the fact that debt problems are on the rise (a fact very few would dispute). People that are likely to need small cash injections are also likely to be people on very low incomes. People on higher incomes have more opportunity to save or have more options by way of debt consolidation. The more you more >

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UKMoneyPot after only a very brief spell online is already in the news! And not just the news but the Financial Times no less. In an article about the rise in the number of personal finance blogs in the UK. To be fair I was shocked when approached but the reality is there are still only a small number of UK personal finance blogs which made mine easier to come by. I was also fortunate to be granted a mention of my other site which ties in nicely with the fact that I’ve just completed updating it (although more >